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Welcome New Administrator, Randi Alexander-Rolison

The Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission announces Randi Alexander-Rolison has been awarded the contract for Administrative Services. Alexander-Rolison will be stepping into long-time Administrator Jennifer Fletcher's role in July 2022 following a three-month transition period.

Randi Alexander-Rolison has a strong background in agriculture, as she grew up on a small production farm with cattle, chickens, rabbits, and pigs. She learned the value of animal stewardship and husbandry while raising and showing animals in 4H through her senior year of high school. She was invited to show cattle professionally on the Colorado State cattle competition team. After a short hiatus away from home and farm life, returned back to her roots and again had a production farm as a young adult. Although Alexander-Rolison currently no longer lives on a farm, she has passion for working with farmers and ranchers in all aspects of agriculture. Alexander-Rolison was introduced to commodity commissions through the Oregon Beef Council over 10 years ago when she was contracted to provide social media and website marketing. At the time, owning her own business, Socially Wired, became the primary content creator for the Oregon Beef Council. Through continued work with Oregon Beef Council, they elected to bring her on as staff in 2020 to assist in administrative services for not only the Beef Council but also the Oregon Strawberry Commission and Oregon Sweet Cherry Commission that are also administered in the Beef Council office.

The experience and education in working with these commodities provided opportunity for Alexander-Rolison to apply for and be awarded the administrative services contract for the Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission.

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