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Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission Public Hearing 1:30 pm December 1, 2021

In conjunction with the commission meeting, there will be a hearing to repeal OAR 647-040--0000, 647-040-0010 and 647-040-0020. The hearing will also hear public testimony regarding the adoption of OAR 647-040-0100, 647-040-0110, 647-040-0120, 647-040-0130 and 647-040-0140. These rule changes are required in order to ensure the commission complies with House Bill 2992 (2021), which changed certain requirements for per diem compensation for members of state boards and commissions.

The changes increase the OPVC per diem to what the amount a state legislator earns for a full or partial day of meetings (As of October 1, 2021 $155) if the commission has sufficient funds to do so and a per diem request is submitted by a commissioner.

You can find the official rule text under Public Notices on

Email your name and business entity to to request the Zoom video conferencing link.

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